• Custom Application Development and Management

Custom Application Development and Management

MSN with its expertise in custom applicaiton development keeping in mind the scalability, extensible architecture, usability and UX requirements can deliver time and cost effective business applications. MSN also has extensive expertise in application management services.

  • Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services

MSN partner with you to understand and address the unique transformation imperatives. With the transperant consultation the team of MSN can devise best-in-class solutions and recommend the best course of action to implement across the organisation.

  • System Integration

System Integration

MSN with its extensive expertise in System Integration recommends latest innovative and adoptable tools, methodologies and templates depending on the requirement and the needs of your enterprise with its world class knowledge and experience.

  • Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

MSN is having extensive expertise in mobile application development for multiple platforms like iOS, Android, Windows Mobile as well as HTML5 for the mobile OS like FireFox OS. We are also having experience in development of web applications using Responsive Technology so that the applications will be available for different devices also.

  • Web Development

Web Development

MSN is having lots ofexpertise and experience in web development using latest technologies like HTML5, JQuery, CSS3 for Gorgeous looking webpages, and the design techniques like MVC which optimizes the web application and improves the performance to a large extent. We also have extensive experience in website development again in which we use Responsive Technology to optimize the websites for differet devices.

  • Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Since the world is moving towards the Cloud Services realizing the potential of Cloud to meet their needs for virtualization, standardization, and simplification of their IT footprint, professionals at MSN started building Its expertize in Cloud Services since a decade and acquired extensive experience in this domain. We engage with customers to holistically examine their business needs. Our cloud servies and solutions are wide spread across different cloud service providers like AWS, Azure, Salesforce, oracle and many more cloud solution providers and already provided different business solutions across the industries and across different cloud service providers.

  • Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure Management Services

MSN is having extensive expertise in Infrastructure management services to provide customers the efficient, cost-effective and optimal infrastructure recomendations depending on their business needs spanning Data Center recommendations and management to individual end user computing requirement management covering Networking, Managed Serviecs, Cloud, Business Advisory and Global Systems Integration helping business transform their vision into reality

  • IT Staffing Services

IT Staffing Services

MSN's IT staffing solutions help the customer secure and optimize the most strategic and variable component to success of their people. We begin engaging witht he customer by seeking to understand their business targets and analysing gaps between current and future state. We then build a workforce staffing strategy to close those gaps with right people, skills and comptencies.

  • Application Management

Application Management

The customer's enterprise may be dealing with hundreds of applications and requires a streamling of all these application management process for maximizing efficiency and control. MSN with its comprehensive set of application management services including maintenance, migration, re-engineering and testing can reduce sysem downtimes, enhance performance and easy management wich increse freedom to client and let the client concentrate on other strategic initiatives